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I love her positive energy

"Brenda is an all star dietitian. She meets you where you are and helps you develop behaviors and skills for your nutritional focus. I love her positive energy during the sessions (in-person, over the phone, or through FaceTime). She makes connecting a priority and lets you determine your path but helps guide you along the way. She has a great knowledge base and many strategies to suggest to get you and keep you on track." - Ashley Benedict

Exceptional experience

"I did a lot of research in finding the best Dietitian in the area with exceptional experience, education and yet was still affordable. Investing in a nutrition package with Brenda has been one of the best decisions I could have made because it ended up not only helping me feel more confidence and energy, it also helped me to save money in the long run. I am now spending less on medication and doctor visits. My body composition has much improved and I am stronger and leaner than I was 15 years ago!" - Noureddine Arab

Long-term results

"Accountability has always been my problem. Having someone to give me guidance, encouragement and holding me accountable was exactly what I needed! I’m very excited to see long-term results using the tools I’ve learned from Brenda." - Rhandi Roddenberry

Personalized and realistic

“For over 4 years I worked alongside Brenda and eventually became one of her patients! My nutrition plan was extremely personalized and realistic. It worked into my schedule and was not difficult to follow. Brenda excels as a nutrition coach as her passion drives her patients to reach their goals!” - Clarissa Hernandez

In just 10 weeks I've lost 12 pounds

"In just 10 weeks I've lost 12 pounds and am comfortably fitting into my clothes again. Brenda has been nothing short of amazing. Brenda is a great listener and really took into account what I personally love to eat and the specific goals I wanted to achieve. I am now more naturally conscious of nutrition and I don't need to put as much thought and effort into now as I used to." - Raphael Urena

Her tips have had a profound effect on me

"Getting coached by Brenda has been very fun and enlightening! She has had me focus on meal portioning to include foods I enjoy but are also healthy and filling. Her tips have had a profound effect on me, where I now look at nutrition as a lifestyle change more than a diet. Her positive reinforcement and motivating spirit has been invaluable! Thank you Brenda!" - Roxana Bertrand