St. Petersburg Nutrition offers Gold Stand metabolic and body composition testing. These important tools can help accelerate your goals and help you achieve success.

Is my metabolism fast or slow? Why can’t I Iose weight? I am eating well and exercising, why isn’t the scale budging? If you find yourself asking these questions, you have come to the right place!

Metabolic Testing screens for low or high metabolic rates and pinpoints the precise caloric intake required for weight loss, maintenance, or weight gain. Obtain a daily calorie recommendation that is optimized to help you meet your health goals. The test is easy—simply breathe into a mouthpiece while resting comfortably for ten minutes.

Body Composition (Skin Fold) Test measures the total amount of fat on your body allowing an accurate calculation of your body fat percentage. Your results will help you understand between weight that comes from muscle and weight that comes from body fat. Regarding overall health, your body fat percentage can be one of the most helpful numbers available to you even more than a scale. The test is performed with a simple caliper that measures your skin and its underlying layers, and is completely painless.