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A Guide to Holiday Eating

Mouth watering appetizers, meals, drinks and desserts are everywhere this time of the year! Temptations are at an all time high. Everyone around us will be eating, drinking and having a great time, and so should we. This is the time to enjoy family, friends and great food. We should be looking forward to the good times, without having to fix any damage to our health.

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Introduction to Diabetes

Being diagnosed with Diabetes can initially be a frightening feeling.  Educating yourself in the early stages as well as along your journey is key to living a healthy long life. With proper lifestyle changes and self-care there is no reason to worry! You can work your favorite foods into a diabetic friendly eating plan and can also live symptom free with …

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Stress Management and Nutrition

Nutrition isn’t always just thinking about our meal plans, food preparations or portions. Improved nutrition and food choices can naturally happen when we focus on reducing our stress levels.

Research demonstrates a strong connection between stress and food. It makes perfect sense if you really think about what you crave when you are feeling super stressed. For me, a giant cheeseburger and french fries and a coke somehow at that moment really hits the spot. Nothing is wrong with this type of meal unless we are consistently treating ourselves to these high calorie, fat, sugar and salt type foods. During periods of stress eating we may think these foods will help us feel better, however these foods in the long run make us feel only worse. The cycle continues! Along with stress we can now feel tired and lazy and maybe even guilt and shame.Stress eating consistently over time can take a real toll on our health promoting weight gain that can lead to a series of health conditions. Break the cycle! Once we get into the habit of eating comfort foods when we feel stressed it can be hard to begin to make some changes. Here is how and where to get started.

  • Step 1: Create a list of what helps you to feel stress relief other than eating unhealthy foods. Possibly it’s calling a friend, meditating, exercising or taking a bubble bath. Replacing stress eating with healthy stress management tactics can help us make drastic improvements our health and well-being.  
  • Step 2: Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is bringing awareness and thoughts into directly what we are experiencing at that moment. Stop and think, how am I feeling right now? Slow down and reflect inward. Sometimes we can start stress eating and we don’t even know it! Recognize if you are feeling stressed. If so, stop and think and ask yourself what healthy stress management strategy can I try instead from my list?  
  • Step 3: Keep your home a positive environment when it comes to nutrition. Avoid keeping trigger foods readily available in the home such as cookies, chips and ice cream. Replace items with healthy options we can feel good about eating like fresh fruit, low-fat popcorn and yogurt. 

I’d love to hear what stress management tools and strategies work for you! Comment below as we can all benefit from sharing what works for us!