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A Guide to Holiday Eating

Mouth watering appetizers, meals, drinks and desserts are everywhere this time of the year! Temptations are at an all time high. Everyone around us will be eating, drinking and having a great time, and so should we. This is the time to enjoy family, friends and great food. We should be looking forward to the good times, without having to fix any damage to our health.

Use this guide as your game plan come out a winner in the New Year!

Avoid skipping meals or eating too little in the daytime to “save” for later

Avoid heading to a party on an empty stomach! It will be easy to overeat when you are super hungry, especially at holiday parties when foods typically aren’t the healthiest and tend to be extra tasty. Eat a normal balanced breakfast and lunch and have a small snack before going to an evening dinner. You will be in better control of food choices and portions for the event.

Avoid picking

Picking at five cheese balls here, a handful of nuts there, a bunch of chips and two cookies later you will easily find yourself still hungry and more than an entire meal worth of calories deep. Grab an appetizer plate, choose a few options then stop until its meal time. Sip on low calorie drinks and engage in good conversation to keep you on your game plan and your mind away from tearing up the cookie jar.

Stay hydrated

Water clears toxins from your body, increases your metabolism and reduces your appetite. Enough said! You may find yourself feeling hungry, but the reality may be that you may actually be dehydrated, not hungry. Aim for the recommended minimum of 8 cups a day.

Strategic self placement

If you sit on the couch in front of a delicious appetizer spread or hang out by the buffet line, naturally you will find yourself in trouble. Stay away from temptation staring you in the face! Pick a seat at the party where treats are not within an arm’s reach away if possible.

Enjoy yourself

Eat a small portion of your favorite amazing desert. Have a few bites of your favorite appetizer. Never deprive yourself; you will only set yourself up for cravings in the future. One small dessert will not ruin your game plan and can actually keep you satisfied and happy for continued success in the future!

Use the “feel good” tactic

How do you feel after you overeat? Keep this thought in mind as you begin to feel full or think about going for seconds. Could you get the same satisfaction from a smaller portion? Eat slowly and enjoy every bite!

Be aware of peer pressure

Peer pressure comes from others and from within ourselves. For example, someone asks why you are not eating dessert or comments on your smaller portion compared to theirs. Another example is we watch everyone around us overeating and this can justify in our mind it is alright for us to do the same. Think about your goals and needs and stick to your plan, your body will thank you.

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